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The best planning tool for teachers just got even better

The best digital teacher planning tool is now even better! iUgo's Weekly Planner and Filebox have always been teacher favourites. But they have just received numerous visual upgrades and a bunch of enhancements to make teacher planning even easier.
Best planning tool got better

The best planning tool for teachers, iUgo, just got even better with a program upgrade and added enhancements.

Teacher favourites – the digital weekly planner within the iUgo Schedule and our digital resource storage, Filebox – have both undergone a visual upgrade. These upgrades are designed to improve navigation of both timetabling and the management of uploaded files.

Other enhancements, such as a compact or expanded view of the weekly planner classroom timetable and file folder organisation, have been included based on teacher requests and feedback.

Below you’ll find a brief summary of these changes so you can see why iUgo really is the best planning tool for teachers.

Making our planning tool for teachers even better

How do we know iUgo is the best teacher planning tool? Over the past year we’ve reached out to many long-time iUgo Planner subscribers in New Zealand and asked what their favourite part of the program is. Almost all of them concluded that the Weekly Planner provides a great visual space for teachers to take control of their weekly schedules (some even say life), in an intuitive and creative way.

The Weekly Planner

The iUgo digital Weekly Planner has been around since the time of iUgo’s inception. That’s more than 10 years ago now. And due to its high popularity, the team decided it was time for this part of the program to be visually upgraded and modernised. We collected a huge amount of feedback from teachers and principals and then assembled a development wish list. So keep your eye out, even more of these requests will be rolled out over the coming year.

Here are the latest Weekly Planner enhancements:

Weekly Planning tool

Make it faster to create a timetable for the term. Your term dates are automatically selected when you create events.

Weekly Planner improved visibility

Improved visibility of event reminder notes by clicking on a saved event. You can now see linked plans and resources.

Best planning tool view options

Add events between terms such as staff meetings, personal appointments or planning days.

best planning tool multiple views

Switch between views by opening your settings and choosing between a compact view, which is great for summarised notes. Or choose the expanded view which creates more space to view your teacher notes at glance.

The Filebox

The Filebox is iUgo’s secret weapon. This online file storage space within iUgo is perhaps not a tool that is always noticeable to our new subscribers. However, it’s essential for best-practice teacher planning and provides a digital place to keep both internal and external resources and files.

This supports teacher planning in two ways. First, it keeps a copy of the resource within iUgo. Which means your resources are always available when you need them most. Handy if you work on planning from a home computer, then jump onto a laptop at school. This ensures no resources, worksheets, or activities are missing as you start your classroom lessons.

Second, it ensures that your resources are linked to the relevant plans and lessons. This preserves all your evidence of planning in one place, which keeps you organised as you move between subjects and lessons for the term.

The Filebox has also received a visual upgrade to improve its functionality between different kinds of devices and screen sizes. And to make it even easier to organise resources how you best see fit.

Here are the latest Filebox enhancements:

Filebox drag and drop

Uploaded files now have a ‘drop-and-drag’ icon to make it easier for you to organise files into folders.


Click the cog icon to go into ‘edit mode’ so you can create, then organise, folders.

Filebox stacks teacher planning files

Large amounts of files will now stack into pages, rather than scrolling through a large list.

A planning tool for teachers as designed by you

Now that these visual upgrades and enhancements have been rolled out, we really want you to share your feedback with us. Let us know what parts of the iUgo Planner you enjoy and what parts you would like to see more development. And yes, please do also let us know what doesn’t work for you. The best digital planner for teachers is only where it is today because of teacher feedback.

And if we’ve caught your eye and you’re new to iUgo, start a no-obligation free trial and gain full access immediately. Giving you time to explore all the best planning tools we’ve mentioned and so much more.


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