About iUgo

iUgo is the brainchild of Nicola Smith, Managing Director and co-founder of Essential Resources.

Essential Resources was first launched in New Zealand by Nicola and Geraldine Sloane in 2000. The duo saw a gap in education for curriculum-aligned teaching resources that yielded progression in learning. They wanted to support learning with fun, engaging resources that supported teachers and encouraged a love of learning.

Their journey has been one of phenomenal success. Over 90% of NZ schools and 50% of Australian schools use and love Essential Resources publications. Essential Resources has partnered up with other fantastic NZ brands to create bespoke solutions around the world and are always at the forefront of education, creating powerful content for teachers that will inspire a lifelong love for learning in students.

iUgo shares the same ethos as its parent company, Essential Resources. iUgo passionately wants to help teachers teach and students learn. The iUgo Planner reinforces those values by bringing all the elements of good quality curriculum planning into one place. iUgo helps teachers effectively plan in accordance with their local curriculum, saving oodles of time, and eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel every school year. iUgo also keeps administrators informed, providing a clear picture of their teams teaching and learning. Today, over 20% of NZ teachers make their working life easier by subscribing to iUgo.

The landscape and format in which teaching takes place has shifted at an exponential rate, but the need for fresh content is unwavering. The idea dawned on Nicola: why not take Essential Resources publications online and put them in a platform that allows teachers unlimited access to treat-sized content aligned to the curriculum? And so, iUgo Teachables was born.

iUgo Teachables provide thousands of lesson activities, lesson plans and worksheets for years 1–8 built to encourage learning and develop creative and critical thinkers. iUgo Teachables curriculum-linked resources allow teachers to dip in and pay-as-you-go, or to subscribe for unlimited access. iUgo Teachables is a flexible solution that provides teachers with quality content immediately.

iUgo Teachables seamlessly integrates with the iUgo Planner, giving teachers the ability to link activities as they plan.

Postal Address: 165B Spey Street, Private Bag 90120, Invercargill 9840, New Zealand
Phone: 0800 087 376
Email: info@iugo.co.nz