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Teachables for homeschooling at primary level

Build your children’s love of learning with Teachables for homeschooling. Our library of digital resources is filled with wide-ranging content, at many levels, to supplement your homeschool lessons.

Teachables for homeschooling

Quality learning material is at the heart of Teachables for homeschooling

Content is authored by successful teachers with many years of experience, and a deep understanding of what works well for the classroom.

Digital learning material is organised into New Zealand curriculum learning areas, levels, and topics of interest. This provides a space for you to locate exactly what you need, quickly.

Resources are flexible PDF files that you can upload to student learning software or print out as many times as you like.

A copy of your chosen resource remains stored in your iUgo account and is accessible from any device.

“I can jump into Teachables at 9am Monday, and find something fun and different to build for a session or day.”
Shannon, Teacher

A library for you and a library for them

Prepare an exciting learning journey for your child by navigating the Teachables library and selecting lesson material for their coursework. Teachables for homeschooling covers a wide range of levels for multiple subjects, allowing students to move between worksheets that offer support or extension.

Alternatively, inspire learner agency by encouraging your child to explore the library for themselves. Let them discover worksheets, activities, and games that ignite a sense of adventure.

Addressing a lack of motivation through Teachables for homeschooling

To learn at home, students need activities, worksheets and games that offer constant inspiration and scaffolded challenges.

The creative teaching material available in the Teachables library has been designed to be visually appealing and exciting for students. Font sizes, colours and layouts have been set up with the student in mind – all to entice them towards that a-ha moment.

Sometimes a child will lose their interest if lessons are too difficult or too easy. Stay ahead by coming back to the library and working between different primary school levels to set them at the right pace.

Teachables digital resources for homeschool teachers

Exclusive homeschool teacher offer

Purchase individual resources as needed or get full access with a 12-month to subscription to Teachables which includes:

Unlimited downloads to the entirety of the resource library

Online file storage (750MB)

Access to your account from multiple devices

Weekly resource scheduling tool

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