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One school, one planning solution

Equip your staff with a tool that opens the way for everyone to do their best work.

"iUgo sets a high standard for planning requirements, giving greater consistency. It provides a benchmark which has lifted the standard across the whole school."
Tom, Deputy Principal and Curriculum Leader

Why choose iUgo?

Teachers spend less time writing plans – more time teaching

It is true. Typically, iUgo saves a full day in a planning cycle – for some roles, it can save more. No special technical skills are needed. Teachers simply need to click, drag and drop.

Boards, auditors and any others in a compliance role love iUgo

iUgo’s inbuilt templates make it easier for teachers to comply with planning requirements, and you can follow up with audits completed painlessly online. You have the visibility and access you need to be reassured of compliance without the stress.

iUgo keeps planning intellectual property within your school or team

Teachers move around – a lot. iUgo enables you to capture lesson plans and hold that IP. Handovers are seamless: new staff can jump in where another left off, fully informed about where students are in their learning journey.


Your team can collaborate like never before

Bring the collective strengths of your team together when building lesson plans. This can include collaborating on non-curricular activity as well as setting best practice within core subject areas.  


iUgo transforms stress into smiles

We’ve set out to make using iUgo fun from day one. It offers a wide range of colourful customisations to individualise the plans and make them ‘yours’. And you don’t have to be technically minded – if you can use an online calendar, you can use iUgo.

"iUgo encourages real quality of planning – it takes you through the process step-by-step. It offers the opportunity to share techniques, saving time and allowing you to connect with staff more easily."
Anne-Maree, Deputy Principal

How iUgo helps school managers

We are passionate about building a solution that fits with your school needs as they grow and change over the years.

Tailor-made to suit your needs

No two schools are the same. Whether your school has a localised, standalone curriculum or sits alongside the national standards, we can upload it to iUgo.

Intuitive curriculum tracking

iUgo aligns with multiple curricula simultaneously. And managers can monitor what has and hasn’t been covered at the click of a button.

All in one place storage

One format, lots of possibilities. Everyone knows where everything is – now that’s just common sense.

Need single sign-on?
Easy, let us know

Let us know what you need. We want to make everything as easy as possible for you.

Improved student learning

Students benefit when all teaching, specialist and learning recovery teachers have access to past, current and future planning. With transparent, documented learning, no gaps are missed.

Updated and aways up-to-date

iUgo is browser-based and updated in line with state and federal changes. That means your school will always have access to the latest tools and features.

Our core security and privacy values

  • We will never sell your data

  • We will use the latest best practice in the security industry to protect you and us

  • We don’t own the content you add to iUgo.

Protecting your data is the very fabric of our business. That’s why iUgo has comprehensive security and compliance processes in place.

We ensure standards are updated and understood across all our departments and only work with suppliers who reflect our approach. In this way, you can be confident that we protect and defend your data.

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