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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A new account is set up for you connecting you to a school, or demo school. Jump in and gain access to all planning, resource and student manager tools.
  2. Guided support as you start learning how iUgo works through the use of interactive walkthroughs, videos and support manuals.
  3. Feel empowered as your plans become streamlined, professional and in one place.
  4. Start your subscription at any time, continue working on any planning you started during your trial and receive personalised support along with a backup of all your work.

Contact us and speak with one of our friendly iUgo consultants who will discuss your customisation needs in more detail and create a plan of how this can be best implemented in the program. There are many parts of iUgo can that be customised to accommodate localised curriculums, preferred school plan templates and more.

Just like a teacher meets the needs of their students by delivering learning in different ways, iUgo offers many tools to train teachers on how to use the program. We have a team of experts who offer live training sessions via your preferred webinar systems such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The trainer will take your team through different examples of planning in the program and answer any questions along the way. We also provide inbuilt learning tools such as interactive walkthroughs and video tutorials to help your team get the most out of the program and transition quickly.

We encourage teachers to keep their teaching resources linked to their planning as plan evidence, files can be uploaded to the program directly or you can access Google Drive and link files instantly.

When you sign up, you choose your relevant curriculum. iUgo will then set your account to be aligned to this curriculum, which means your plan templates are laid out according to best practice requirements. Then within your plans you are able to create direct links to  the curriculum outcomes and objectives. These are organised and presented according to your chosen learning areas and levels.

Also, it is important to note that iUgo keeps up to date with curriculum changes in the program. We want to ensure that our users are always using the most up to date and accurate curriculum program. 

With iUgo, you can:

  • Co-author a plan and lessons or share units across your team
  • Select and plan for multiple classes across your school
  • Assign teachers to groups with ease
  • Access it anywhere and at any time to take advantage of its support for modern learning environments and flexible learning spaces.

iUgo is web based program and is designed to work on any device. All you need is an internet connection. For the best experience we recommend using a computer or tablet with the latest version of Google Chrome. Some planning tasks can be too complicated to do using a mobile. 

Within iUgo text fields, you can highlight, strikethrough and include arrows to indicate other changes to your planning. You also have access to a wide range of other editing features.

12 month subscriptions start on the date of purchase and pricing is calculated per teacher subscribed. Subscriptions can be purchased personally or invoiced to your school. 

View the full pricing plan.

iUgo is structured to be flexible so that it meets the needs of every user. Therefore, you may sign up as an individual, or to achieve a whole- or part-school solution. We can tailor your training and implementation to best meet the needs related to your particular subscription.

Contact us for more information.

We offer a free 20-minute online tour as part of the free trial process. The Getting Started video provides your initial support while the extensive support centre will help you transition to iUgo. You can contact us for further support.

  • Teachers using iUgo prefer it to the other options available because:
  • The New Zealand Curriculum is loaded into iUgo unit plan templates
  • It looks and feels like a printed planning diary and template
  • It has preloaded over 2000 learning outcomes for English and mathematics
  • You can add your own localised curriculum language right through to learning outcomes
  • You can plan for multiple levels and dynamic group changes
  • Your planning is linked to your weekly planner and daily planner as you plan
  • Your planning, scheduling and resources are managed on one platform
  • It is web-based and compatible with any device so you can plan anywhere and at any time

As the entire school’s planning can be accessed within the same system, senior management have all the planning they need to review at their fingertips. They can easily keep up with the teaching and learning going on in their school, as they can see what is being taught and when, and what the next steps are for each group, as these events happen. With all this information, they can support students and teachers as needed and identify any gaps in planning.

We work closely with iUgo users during ERO reviews and offer a guest login and support so that ERO can review planning. We have had very positive feedback on how schools have adapted the iUgo framework to reflect their school curriculum development. Although ERO cannot endorse a commercial product, school leaders have told us that iUgo has enhanced their ERO review process and outcomes.

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