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The New Religious Education Curriculum: To Tātou Whakapono Our Faith

Many catholic schools around New Zealand are now beginning to explore planning for the new national curriculum for religious education – To Tātou Whakapono Our Faith. With the finalised drafts now set in place, this curriculum has been added to the iUgo digital teacher planner. Achievement Objectives are intrinsically linked to learning intentions and all have been mapped according to relevant phases of learning.
Nathan Collie and team

The new religious education curriculum – To Tātou Whakapono Our Faith curriculum – aims to promote religious literacy and understanding. Basically, it encourages critical thinking skills among students when it comes to religion and belief systems. Furthermore, the curriculum acknowledges the importance of cultural and historical contexts in shaping religious beliefs and practices.

The iUgo Digital Planner assists teachers in planning and delivering lessons that align with the new RE curriculum’s objectives, as well as ensuring that students receive a comprehensive and inclusive religious education that recognises the diversity of beliefs and world views in New Zealand (NZ). Obviously, this is a positive step towards creating a more inclusive and culturally responsive education system that values diversity and promotes understanding.

iUgo is here to make the transition to the new religious education curriculum in NZ easy. We do this by offering a digital unit plan template that supports this unique planning process. Automatic curriculum mapping is in place while planning with different sections of this curriculum.

Accessing this new religious education curriculum

All current subscribers and triallists can gain access to this curriculum. If this is not already showing when logged into iUgo, it can easily be loaded into any school account.

When building a new unit plan in the iUgo Planner, there will be four Te Rama Whakapono themes to choose from. These include:

  • Te Atua – God
  • Te Rongopai – Good News
  • Ā Tātou Whakapapa – Our Story
  • Kia Noho Hāhi – Being Church.

Next, is selecting the phase of learning each classroom is working at and towards.

Upon saving the new unit plan, a template will be presented as a guide through the planning process. It also supports adding details of intended teaching. By simply clicking on the Achievement Objectives section, a selection of content is presented. That content filters the new RE curriculum and displays the relevant to the unit plan themes and phases of learning for the set-up selections.

By choosing one or more Achievement Objectives, iUgo populates the relevant Learning Intentions into the classroom or group lesson section of unit planning. This helps cut down the administrative workload to allow the focus to remain on creating the activities for each lesson, with these intentions in place.

Moving between the old and the new curriculum

Many schools are only just starting to explore this new religious education curriculum for NZ. The iUgo Digital Planner continues to hold the old curriculum in place for its catholic school subscribers. This allows planning to be created with either the new, or the old curriculum. Both will be visible in the unit plan set-up page.

new religious education curriculum

Planning is far more effective with iUgo. It’s there – easily accessible and you can share everything with everyone at the flick of a button.

Now that this new religious education curriculum is live in iUgo, please reach out and share your feedback with us. Let us know if there were any other curriculum details you would like access to. If you’re new to iUgo and wish to see a tour of this curriculum in action – book in a free highlight’s webinar for you or the school. 

Alternatively, you can begin by creating Religious Education digital plans for yourself by starting a no-obligation and completely free 30-day trial. You will discover the many ways iUgo helps teachers to integrate the new RE curriculum in NZ.


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