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Planning can be overwhelming and time consuming, often spread across multiple documents, in multiple places. iUgo makes it simple, allowing you to create three documents at the same time.

By linking your unit and lesson plans to your Weekly Planner, you create your Lesson Plan, your Weekly Plan and also your Daily Plan simultaneously and the key elements of each are shared amongst the three documents.

Lesson Plan

Weekly Plan

Daily Plan

The Unit and Lesson Plan show all the planned detail but share the key information of when and for how long the lessons will be taught, giving a quick overview in the Weekly Plan.

Whereas the Daily Plan shows the key information you need to teach that day – the Class and Group Lessons showing Learning Outcomes, Teaching Notes and Resources you intend to use.

Any additions or changes you make on either document is synchronised between all of the documents, so at the end of the lesson you can add your Next Steps in either your Daily Plan or your Lesson Plan and know you are recording it in both places.

Watch this quick video which shows in a bit more detail how to link your Unit and Lesson Plan to your Weekly and Daily Planners.



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