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The team at St Patricks, Invercargill, were looking to shift away from paper planning back in 2015. Nathan Collie was the first to discover iUgo and learnt how to effectively plan online. Since then, the whole teaching team have signed up to iUgo
Nathan Collie

“iUgo is a far more efficient way of planning, we don’t need to sit in one place anymore.”

Nathan Collie was the first to discover the programme and worked it out for himself. He did mention that there is a slight teething process in the beginning – especially when bringing in staff that have historically stuck to paper-planning. Holly, iUgo’s customer support star, was always a call or email away, familiarising the team with each tool and how they all work together to help teachers fly when planning.

Moving to an online platform has allowed St Patricks Invercargill to plan inclusively. Each team member has access to all of the tools and files, and are able to work on the task collaboratively without needing to drag files from the classroom to the car and back. They also don’t need to make sure their curriculum files are up to date as the software automatically updates for them.

“We can effectively plan as a group, even when talking about planning as a syndicate. It’s all there on the plan.”

The collaborative functionality of iUgo opens up new ways for teams to have open, constructive dialogue surrounding their planning. iUgo helps you work together and improve the way you plan each year, whether you are team member or leader.

Sign your team up for a an obligation-free 30-day trial today. See how iUgo can help you plan well, so you can teach well.

“I’d advise anyone to use iUgo. For the benefit of the whole school – from syndicate planning to team teaching, planning is far more effective.”

Nathan Collie

St Patrick’s School



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