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Elmgrove Primary School teacher Grant Peacock is only too happy to show his planning to colleagues and parents.  
It’s rare to come by that kind of confidence in an environment where teachers are under relentless pressure to show improved outcomes. 

Yet as an experienced teacher, Grant also knows how important it is to effectively document his teaching and the learning of his 46 students.
So what makes him so confident about his planning? In a word – iUgo.
“iUgo gives me the confidence that I am fulfilling the professional requirements as a teacher to prepare and document a wide-ranging programme.”

“From long-term plans to unit plans to lesson plans …, to regrouping children to suit their levels of learning, I know I’m delivering the best for my students.” 
iUgo offers a 30-day obligation free trial period with a support team on hand to help navigate the programme and identify how iUgo will work best for your 2020 planning journey.
“On a Sunday evening 4-5pm I sent away a suggestion that wasn’t urgent, saying here’s something I want to see in the future. I had a reply apologising for the delay at 8pm. The team’s desire to make the product work for people is astonishing.”
Want to plan for success too? Get to know iUgo here.



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