Writing on a theme of 'lost and found' Cover

Writing on a theme of 'lost and found'

Poetic, expressive and transactional writing tasks

This unit consists of a short, original text followed by three activities to develop writing skills. The activities reinforce poetic, expressive and transactional writing skills by requiring students to write a narrative, a diary entry and/or a travel guide article based on the content or ideas in the associated text. The text is a narrative about a boy called Leon who is travelling to the city to stay with a family friend. He panics when he realises he's lost the friend's contact information, but, after a bit of sleuthing, he comes up with a way to meet her as planned.

Years: 6-7 | Pages: 5 | Code: E5213-01

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Marie Langley

Marie Langley’s experience in education includes 19 years teaching in secondary and area (Years 1 to 13) schools, 10 years as head of an English department, and seven years as a deputy principal. Her published works include a thesis for a Master of Teaching and Learning degree, magazine articles, short stories, poetry, picture books, a junior novel and numerous educational resource texts. She currently lives and works in Golden Bay in the top north-west corner of the South Island of New Zealand.