Bad business: a money word problem - Freebie Lesson Cover

Bad business: a money word problem - Freebie Lesson

Problem-solving skills can be improved by training: the more we try, the better we become.

This Freebie task focuses on mathematical problem-solving, encouraging students to use their number skills to solve a problem about money. Download-and-go with this Freebie lesson, just in time for National Money Week.

Subjects: Money
Years: 6-7 | Pages: 1
Code: E5998-01F

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Picture of Lijun Guan

Lijun Guan

Lijun Guan hails from China where she excelled at school, adoring it so much that she chose a career in teaching so she could stay at school for life. Lijun retrained in New Zealand to become a fully registered primary school teacher. She gives sincere thanks to God for giving her knowledge of two languages and wisdom from understanding two cultures. This series is just one result of her desire to work as a bridge to introduce the best from each culture to the other.