A troubled world


Sustainable living

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A troubled world Cover
This engaging lesson plan includes learning outcomes, success criteria, pre-lesson preparation notes, a step-by-step learning sequence and conclusion. The students learning focuses on gaining awareness of the problems that the world faces. Students will brainstorm in groups issues with water, energy, the environment and other key words before discussing their ideas as a classroom and filling out a learning log about what they have learnt.

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Maria Gill writes full time from a seaside village north of Auckland, New Zealand. She has had 20 children’s books published for the retail market and another 35 educational books for the international market. Maria specialises in children’s non-fiction books. Seven of her books have been shortlisted for children’s book awards (New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards and LIANZA Awards) and eight have been Storylines Notable Books. Her book ‘Anzac Heroes’ won the New Zealand Book Awards for Children & Young Adult Non-fiction Award and the Margaret Mahy Book of the Year Award. ‘New Zealand Hall of Fame’ won the Children’s Choice in the non-fiction category. Previously she has been a primary school teacher and she also has a Graduate Diploma in Journalism Studies. Maria also reviews books on http://kidsbooksnz.blogspot.com . For more information about Maria please go to www.mariagill.co.nz