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An open-ended maths problem

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Carnival dates Cover

This open-ended, challenging maths problem expands rather than restricts thinking and allows young mathematicians to use more than one strategy, heightening their awareness that problems can be solved in more than one way and can have multiple solutions. For this problem, students need to consider possible dates for the swimming carnival based on the parameters set by the principal.

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Harry O’Brien is an experienced primary-school teacher and an award-winning author. Through working in a wide range of schools with various socio-economic backgrounds, Harry has developed a finely tuned understanding of what students can achieve and draws on this knowledge in his writing. Over a period of 25 years he has written numerous bestselling primary textbook series, including the Maths Plus Series. Harry is the creator and major author of the highly successful Maths Box: Lime, Orange and Aqua and the Reading Box: Yellow, Blue, Red and Green. In addition to his busy publishing and writing workload, Harry oversees the day-to-day running of Teachers 4 Teachers Publications Pty Ltd.