Maths problems about money

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The pages in this unit provide problems at a Proficient level and an Advanced level along with an Investigation. At proficient level, students are solving one-step problems in which they need to use one mathematical operation and the language indicates the required operation. The advanced problems involve more sophisticated language and may involve more than one operation in order to calculate the answer. To successfully solve the investigations, students must show knowledge of a range of mental and written strategies and an overall competence in mathematics.

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About the Author

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Greg Purcell began his teaching career in 1974 and is still actively involved as a tutor in primary education at The Australian Catholic University. He has always enjoyed teaching and is now pleased to be in a situation where he can assist aspiring teachers develop the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to become confident and competent primary school teachers.

Since 1993 he has been primarily a full-time author. As a teacher, he realised the need for student- and teacher-friendly resources that would provide course work that matched the curriculum. He took it upon himself to have a dabble in writing a series of problem-solving books which led to him, along with my teaching colleague Harry O’Brien, to create the immensely successful Maths Plus series – a teachers’ favourite since first published in 1994.

That series has been a springboard for a number of other publishing projects that have sought to provide teachers and students with resources that enable achievement of all relevant outcomes in a meaningful and enjoyable context.

In order to keep his mind fresh and thoughts clear, Greg recommends staring every day with a swim or surf at Cronulla.