Explore teasing


A philosophical discussion

Code: E51116-01
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What can be classed as teasing? Tickling someone? Hiding someone's car keys? In this unit students consciously use a combination of reflective analysis and discrimination to answer a question that is not easy to answer, but one that impacts their daily lives and actions.

Want more activities to help students develop their skills of discrimination and reasoning? See Thinking about Philosophical Issues – Bk 1.

Resource Types: | Pages: 2 | Years: 4-7

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About the Author

Anne-Maree Olley, a New Zealand-trained and registered teacher and an active member of the New Zealand Philosophy for Children Association, has a passion for thinking with students of all ages. She has worked with teachers, parents and students in New Zealand, Australia and England, and will continue to do so from her home on New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula.