Mean Giant Fred


Oral language tasks to develop early readers

Code: E0300-08
Mean Giant Fred Cover
This appealing whole-class lesson provides the basis for a weeks worth of oral language activities; containing a session overview, a limerick based on 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and a session each for text, sound, word and sentence work. The teacher begins each session by retelling 'Mean Giant Fred' to the class before working through a series of fun and interactive exercises relating to the limerick. Activities include 'Sequence the story' flashcards, a sound-related bingo activity, a memory exercise and a 'Jackís adjective' tossing game.

Subjects: | Themes: | Resource Types: | Pages: 6 | Years: 1-1

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About the Author

Picture of Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith has taught young children for 16 years, and currently runs a small tuition centre. Many of her students have reading problems stemming from poor oral language skills. Sandy has worked in close partnership with speech pathologists, and now uses oral language goals as a basis for all her literacy-teaching programmes. This has proved successful, even in classes with a high proportion of students with special needs.