School Journal, 2003, Part 4, No 2 activities Cover

School Journal, 2003, Part 4, No 2 activities


In the deep end, What comes next?, Court's in session

This unit is packed full of activities for students to complete to demonstrate understanding of what they have read in three articles of the School Journal, 2003, Part 4, No 2. The journal articles covered are: Cook Strait Kate, Righting the wrongs - poll tax in New Zealand and Students rule. Students gather numerical information about Kate and other sea swimmers, respond to ideas about righting wrongs and consider whether a court system would work in their own class!

Subjects: Narrative text, Expository text
Themes: Kiwiana
Resource Types: Learning Activities and Worksheets, Teacher Support, Lesson Plan, Learning Activities and Games
Years: 7-8 | Pages: 3
Code: E0202-11

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