How does iUgo work?

iUgo has everything you need for effective curriculum aligned lesson planning. All your teaching plans are organised, ready to be revised, shared and used again.

No more reinventing the wheel, no more wasting precious time.

Tools to transform your lesson planning

Feature Overview


A timetable planner that meets the needs of teachers and is aligned to the school calendar.


Use best-practice templates to create quality plans that are directly linked to linked to the New Zealand, Te Marautanga o Aotearoa or Religious Education curricula and access historical plans at the click of a button.

Resource Management

Browse the Teachables e-resource library to find new resources that inspire and motivate your students at the levels needed, then easily link any resources into your planning through the filebox.

Student Management

Manage your classrooms, students and groups.

When you sign up to iUgo:

  1. You are immediately productive

    Our extensive library of resources and planning tools take the chore out of lesson planning. 

  2. You are fully supported

    You can explore iUgo at your own pace, knowing that you are guided and supported if and when you need it. 

  3. You are following the curriculum

    As you build your personal plans, you have confidence that the content is aligned to the best practice requirements.

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