“iUgo saves a lot of time on tasks that used to take a lot of time.”

Wayne Widdowson from Henderson Primary School, Auckland

The tools in iUgo are full of time-saving tricks that help you get the most out of your day, even when the minutes are running short.

Wayne Widdowson of Henderson Primary School in Auckland knows that one of the keys to teaching success is learning how to organise your day. He also knows that before he found iUgo, his method of planning was time-consuming and unstructured. Now that he has signed up to the online planning tool, he has gained back valuable time that he can use for other teaching tasks.

“Having a template already done really helped me not to be so pedantic, as iUgo’s already got it covered.”

Wayne uses iUgo to plan for every area of the curriculum. It gives him the confidence that his management team can clearly see important information such as the success criteria and learning intentions in his planning.

Maximise the time you spend in the classroom with the help of iUgo. You can trial the programme obligation-free for 30 days and lean on our helpful team for support as you master the tools that will help you plan well and teach well.

Wayne Widdowson

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John Bowron

“With iUgo, I’m now working smarter and more efficiently. I have more enthusiasm for planning as it's no longer such a burden.”

John Bowron from Riverview School, KeriKeri

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Anne Maree McDougall

“iUgo offers the opportunity to share techniques, save time and connect with staff more easily. It's a quality planning tool.”

Anne Maree McDougall from Mercury Bay Area School

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Jo Ander

“For the first time we’ve been able to easily collaborate planning across curriculums. iUgo is intuitive, simple to use and can be tailored to our specific needs.”

Jo Ander from Whanganui High School, Northland

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