“It’s amazing—it’s such a dream to use”

Shona Willis from Mataura School

One click, and I’m there, says Mataura School primary teacher and iUgo user Shona Willis. A Year 2 and 3 teacher, Shona says her planning is now so much quicker and easier with the digital planning tool, iUgo, as it halves the time she spends.

Previously Shona used Word or Google and, before that, handwritten notes. She says one of iUgo’s biggest benefits is the way it connects her planning and assessment activities electronically, meaning she can speedily access student notes when writing class reports. iUgo’s integrated planning platform provides the perfect interface.

“I use the plans I teach off and that’s where I write my assessment notes. When I’m writing a report I can search electronically for a student and every note I’ve written about them is there. I don’t think I would write as many notes about my students as I do without iUgo.”

Now it takes Shona about five minutes tops to set up a plan for a subject. Tasks like adding a group are simple and straightforward without the need to alter formatting.

“I don’t need to spend time sitting and figuring out how I would do a plan or format it.’

Shona uses the iUgo planning tool daily. Her laptop is always open next to her, and her plans are easily accessible.

“I can find everything I need really quickly and easily.”

iUgo is `beautiful’ Shona says. `’It makes your life easier.’

Shona Willis

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