“The language used in iUgo is tailored to New Zealand, so whether you are talking about stages or levels, you have the easy access straight away.”

Helen Quirke from Greerton Village School

Find the resources you need is no small feat. Having resources spread out across print books and various digital platforms adds minutes that mount up over time. Helen Quirke of Greerton Village School was looking for a way to reduce the time she spends searching for resources without having to sacrifice quality.

Helen plans out her lesson and then searches for resources to use in the lesson. The iUgo Planner helps Helen manage her time effectively and Teachables allow her to quickly find content when she reaches the ‘What else? What could I do next?’ phase of planning.

“I wanted something in the one place that I could trust, where I could do a search and it would come up with different choices for me.”

Teachables are created by Essential Resources’ team of teacher-authors, ensuring that each resource is grounded by best practice and completely aligned to multiple curriculums. Helen’s students particularly liked that the resources were colourful and visually appealing.

“Teachables have a New Zealand team behind them, so whether you are talking about stages or levels, you have that easy access straight away.”

Easily weave the Teachables range of over 2,000 resources into your planning. Save time and make life easier by exploring Teachables today.

Helen Quirke

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Sue Huntleigh-Smith

“Really helpful and useful, I couldn’t be more glowing about iUgo.”

Sue Huntleigh-Smith from Mercury Bay Area School

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Grant Peacock

“I’m blown away by the responsiveness of the team. Their desire to make the product work for people is astonishing.”

Grant Peacock from Elm Grove School, Dunedin

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Shona Willis

“It’s amazing—it’s such a dream to use”

Shona Willis from Mataura School

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