“It frees me from laborious admin, allowing me more time to spend on creative teaching.”

Andrew Boaz from Rolleston School

In the old days, Year 7 and 8 teacher Andrew Boaz of Rolleston School would have multiple folders to fossick through depending on the curriculum area, and files that needed uploaded, downloaded and then filed. When Andrew gave the powerful lesson planning tool iUgo a try, he was sold pretty much straightaway.

“Old planning wasn’t cloud based so it was stored on the computer hard drive. I would need to note on the weekly plan where to find the supplementary planning for a particular lesson — the web address or downloaded files.”

His favourite iUgo tool is the weekly planner. Using it he can create his weekly plans pretty quickly.

“It’s a simple way to document and set out the week ahead and to manage curriculum coverage.”

And sharing lesson planning with management is so much easier. Instead of giving management his computer and a ring-binder with all his plans printed and filed, Andrew’s planning is all readily accessible and easy to view in the Cloud.

Andrew teaches across all curriculum areas, using iUgo daily and hourly for faster, better planning. It supports him and ultimately his students.

“I love working with students and enjoy seeing them progress and grow in confidence, learning new knowledge.”

Andrew Boaz

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Wayne Widdowson

“iUgo saves a lot of time on tasks that used to take a lot of time.”

Wayne Widdowson from Henderson Primary School, Auckland

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Jo Ander

“For the first time we’ve been able to easily collaborate planning across curriculums. iUgo is intuitive, simple to use and can be tailored to our specific needs.”

Jo Ander from Whanganui High School, Northland

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Rachelle Haslegrave

“Teachables go so well with iUgo, you can instantly link resources into your planning. You don’t have to go and save the content somewhere else before uploading it to iUgo. It also saves you a lot of time from not having to type it into your planning.”

Rachelle Haslegrave, Principal at Tarras School

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