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Program update: Te Mātaiaho, the refreshed New Zealand Curriculum is ready to go

The refreshed New Zealand Curriculum learning areas have been released and are ready to be accessed and used within the iUgo Planner. Discover how iUgo's curriculum mapping allows you to easily review your curriculum coverage.
The Refreshed New Zealand Curriculum

Learning areas for the refreshed New Zealand Curriculum have now been released and are ready for teachers to introduce into their classrooms. The new social sciences learning area (Aotearoa New Zealand’s Histories) is mandatory to teach this year. English and Mathematics can be introduced to familiarise yourself with all the concepts. 

All refreshed learning areas can be accessed and used within the iUgo digital unit plan templates.

Within the unit plan templates, decide which learning areas you want to focus on. You can also plan a cross-curricular unit that incorporates the new and old framework as you transition your planning to the refreshed New Zealand curriculum.

Automatic curriculum mapping happens as you click and select the Understand, Know, Do outcomes. This allows for easy review of your curriculum coverage, simplifying the task of what to plan next.

The iUgo digital planner is developed exclusively with teacher’s in mind. It means you access an intuitively designed program available straight from your browser that neatly organises your planning. It provides a way for you to focus on what you intend to teach. Rather than figure out how your planning should be laid out and what components should be included.

Creating your learning journey with the new refreshed curriculum

Head to the Planning section of iUgo and select Unit Plans. Create a new unit plan and you will see Te Mātaiaho – The Refreshed New Zealand Curriculum. Then, choose the relevant Mātaiaho – Learning Areas which will display the main heading for each learning area. Fine-tune your classroom planning by selecting a sub-heading which is pulled from the Know section of this curriculum.

the updated plan setup
Choose Te Mātaiaho – The Refreshed New Zealand Curriculum

Next, choose the Mātairea – Phases of Learning each of your students is working at and towards. This creates an additional filter of the curriculum content that appears on the unit plan.

choose the Mātairea - Phases of Learning

Once you have finished choosing your plan set-up preferences, you can select Save. A new template will load with all the curriculum content relevant to your initial selections. 

Additionally, the unit plan template guides what you need to cover as per the New Zealand Curriculum. Within this, you can build a personalised learning journey that creates meaning for your students and their locality.

Unit plan sections such as Understand, Know, and Do are click-and-select options. You can open the section, choose outcomes, and then save it directly to the unit plan.

the refreshed new zealand curriculum

Other unit plan sections such as Assessment Focus, Success Criteria, and Mana Whenua are click-and-type options, where you would type in your observations, ideas, and details.

Assessment Focus, Success Criteria, and Mana Whenua

The refreshed progress steps for Literacy and Mathematics

There are unit plan template sections that will only appear for specific learning areas. This includes progress steps for Literacy and Communication and Mathematics and Statistics curriculum refreshes. 

These progress steps are intrinsically linked to the refreshed learning areas. They will provide you with indicators of the aspects of knowledge that are essential for students to work towards within a phase of learning. These steps will support you to notice, recognise and respond to students’ learning in a timely fashion and automatically appear in iUgo where it is relevant.

progress steps for Literacy and Mathematics

Cross-curricular planning between the new and old curriculum frameworks

When a new unit plan is created, you will have the choice of selecting from the old or new curriculum. However, for cross-curricular planning that might include learning areas that are not yet refreshed, you can choose from both curriculums together on the same new unit set-up. 

A new unit plan will be loaded with Achievement Objectives and the Understand, Know, and Do outcomes along with any other relevant sections. This will enable you to build a professional multi-curriculum linked plan with ease.

choose from both curriculums together the refreshed new zealand curriculum

Automatic curriculum mapping happens as you go

Select your objectives (Understand, Know, Do or Achievement Objectives) within the unit plan. It will automatically register this selection to iUgo’s curriculum coverage template, which you can access within the planning section of the program. 

For instance, this tool enables you to run a report that specifies which parts of the curriculum you have already covered by highlighting this content in yellow. It also displays a hyperlink to the unit plan that corresponds to the taught objectives. 

You can also filter off the report further to see the results of what you haven’t covered, making it easy for you to identify what to cover in your next unit plan. It is easy for school managers to run plan checks.

Automatic curriculum mapping

Customise the new unit plan templates and add your school’s own objectives

Existing iUgo subscribers will be familiar with the customisation options available. This includes localised curriculums and adjustments that can be made to unit plan templates. 

These templates can be reconfigured to best accommodate your school’s own planning requirements and special character. Teachers can also input their own curriculum objectives. These can be stored in custom dedicated sections or alongside the default national standards. 

Our team of planning experts are happy to assist you with adapting the templates for the New Zealand Curriculum updates to set up your own stored content.

Customise the new unit plan templates

iUgo makes using the refreshed New Zealand Curriculum easy

iUgo certainly makes it a lot easier to plan and I like the way it is presented. In the past I have struggled to find the right planning template, but this program really works for me.

All your feedback is important to us. Refreshing the New Zealand Curriculum within iUgo has been a big task but your feedback helps us make the program work better for others. If you have any thoughts or ideas on what we could add or edit, then please let us know. Even if you just wish to share your feedback on what you did or didn’t like.

If you aren’t currently subscribed and would like to take a look at the new templates, start a free trial. Additionally, we can also provide free 15-minute highlights tours if you would like to delve further with one of our team members.


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