Te Marautanga o Aotearoa planning update

The newest whānau member of Tikanga ā-Iwi has arrived! You can at last delve into Te Takanga o te Wā – Māori History, while other Wāhanga Ako are still being refreshed. The prospect of adapting to the changes can be a bit daunting, but the iUgo digital teacher planner is here to help.

Let’s dive 🤿  into what we’ve done to update and refresh the iUgo planner for the new addition, Te Takanga o te Wā, and upcoming changes.

  • Overview of the curriculum refresh and how this affects iUgo.
  • What the addition of Te Takanga o te Wā will look like in unit plan templates.

The refresh of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa 👀

As you may be aware, the curriculum Te Marautanga o Aotearoa is being refreshed. At iUgo, we’ve jumped in early to ensure all kaiako using our program have access to the most up-to-date parts of the curriculum in their planning.

The curriculum framework has also shifted. It’s moved away from Whāinga Paetae and towards a new model of learning that gives kaiako more control in choosing learning goals that are relevant to their ākonga, as well as contexts that help build connections to local iwi and hapū.

Although the framework is not set in stone for all learning areas due for the refresh, for Te Takanga o te Wā it consists of:

  • Te waihanga horopaki ako
  • Hei whakahihiri whakaaro
  • He ngohe

This new framework and along with any future additions will only appear for relevant learning areas in iUgo. Learning areas that have not been refreshed will still show you Whāinga Paetae on the unit plan templates. Eventually, as the entire curriculum is updated, this older content will be fully phased out.

Your historical unit planning will still show everything you selected for Whāinga Paetae. You will also still be able to copy unit plans and re-use them in the new framework setting.

Tikanga ā-Iwi’s newest whānau member – Te Takanga o te Wā 🤩

The next thing you may be thinking is: how do I access this curriculum area in iUgo and what does it look like on unit plan templates?

When you create a unit plan template in iUgo, you have the option of choosing Wāhanga Ako – in this list and within the heading Tikanga ā-Iwi, you will find Te Takanga o te Wā.

Unit Plan Creation tool

Example of the unit plan set-up process and how to select Wāhanga Ako

iUgo Unit Plan Creation tool

When the unit plan template loads, you will see three sections on the plan appear, that are specific to this learning area. (Yes! You access all this content from within your unit plan.)

Within each section are five elements as suggested connections to frame that context:

  • Whakapapa
  • Tūrangawaewae
  • Mana motuhake
  • Kaitiakitanga
  • Whanaungatanga

Te waihanga horopaki ako

Example of how you select your learning contexts through Te waihanga horopaki ako on the unit plan
Te waihanga horopaki ako - section 1

Hei whakahihiri whakaaro

Example of how you select key ideas designed to motivate through Hei whakahihiri whakaaro on the unit plan

Hei whakahihiri whakaaro - section 2

He ngohe

Example of how you select activities and experiences through He ngohe on the unit plan
He Ngohe

Now that this update is live, feel free to try it out and give us feedback. Let us know what you love and, yes, what you don’t love too (because that’s what we need to keep on making the program even better).

For more details about Te Takanga o te Wā – Māori History, including content, guidance and resources, please visit these links:

Māori History – TKI
Te Takanga o te Wā document
Rauemi for Māori History

Happy planning everyone!

Image Attribution: Waitangi Treaty Grounds, National Reserve (NZ). W. Bulach, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons



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