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How to support your existing digital programs while using iUgo

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An increasingly common question that comes up with many teachers when they are about to implement a new program is how it will connect with an existing digital suite of programs, and more importantly how it will add value to achieving educational outcomes. Research tells us that most schools are using approximately 5–7 digital tools at any one time so it is imperative that a new programme weaves simply and effectively into a teachers working week. 

2020 has proved that teachers need to be agile, reliance on in-classroom delivery is not possible and teachers need a streamlined, simple approach to sharing content with students. The good news is that iUgo is not locked to the screen, so you can easily export your plans and resources. The content from iUgo can be exported as a universal PDF file which makes it easy to share the resources digitally with your students who are working on other platforms.

Planning for classrooms and groups is important but doesn’t need to be a time intensive process – rather than manually entering in student details, you can download your classroom lists from your school management system and upload this directly into iUgo.

The internet is filled to the brim with hundreds of thousands of lessons, activities, games and worksheets, there has never been more content available at the click of a button. This is a blessing, but also a curse, as finding and keeping tabs of quality resources starts to feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, resource management is made simple in iUgo. The program offers the option to upload a file directly from your computer, from the Teachables library, or directly from your Google Drive. These many modes of file storage mean that you can add what you need to your planning quickly.

Each school has a unique and valuable approach to delivering educational outcomes, if you would like to speak to our support team about how iUgo can strengthen your existing digital suite then please reach out to us.



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